Tokoname Crock Miso Potluck

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We are hosting a special workshop in collaboration with Yamagen Toen (TOKONAME ) and Takumi Craftworks on 16th of Feb.

“Miso” is widely used in both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, and has been gaining worldwide interest over the last years. In this workshop you will be fully guided through the preparing methods of this traditional Japanese fermented soybean paste. You will learn how to make Miso and also receive a lecture on the Japanese folk culture behind it. A very special addition to the workshop is the TOKONAME crock, an earthenware pot from Japan which is perfectly made for preserving Miso. This rare edition of earthenware is included in this workshop to take back home with you.

We are inviting Yuji Koie all the way from Tokoname, Japan, a ceramic potter and a head of Yamagen Toen from Japan to show case this reborn Tokoname crock.
Tokoname ware is one of Six Ancient Kilns in Japan, produced in and around Tokoname, Aichi prefecture.
At Yamagen Toen, together with staff Yuji produces modern table ware from the local material that has been used for Tokoname pottery, applying the traditional methods. Only the design was updated in order to make the crock better fit the lifestyle today.
His aim is to rejuvenate this local ceramic culture by bringing the old to contemporary, and this crock is one of his scope next to the other tea cups and pots in his TOKONAME project.

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