Taiko workshop Triple T By Wadaiko Tokara

  • Locatie: Kobuyanagi
  • Oijense benedendijk 40
    5394 LT Oss

After last year’s very successful Stairmaster, TripleT is the ultimate taiko exercise to improve your taiko skills.

— Transcendent Taiko Technique —
“training to go beyond ordinary limits in taiko technique”

Art Lee, artistic director and founder of Wadaiko Tokara, designed this workshop as a good follow up of the Stairmaster, however Triple T can also be followed as a “stand-alone” workshop.
Both intermediate to professional taiko players as well as percussionists of many styles will have fun during these skill improving experience. Intermediate to professional levels are recommended, although beginners are welcome to take the challenge.
And of course: you will enjoy the famous hospitality of Kobuyanagi dojo, during the workshop.
A maximum 10 participants will be accepted!!!

Participants are accepted only after payment has been received.

Please request for info via berry.kuijer.saat@gmail.com

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