Open Huis, A taste of Sakuteiki

Yokoso Japanese Gardens open house, “A taste of Sakuteiki” will be held in Boskoop, the Netherlands at April 20, 2019. This will be an annual event held each year around May or April. “A taste of Sakuteiki” is an initiative by Yokoso Japanese Gardens and BonsaiPlaza.

Yokoso Japanese Gardens

Yokoso Japanese Gardens is a unique Dutch company. Our goal is to build a bridge between cultures and provide in the ever-growing demand for authentic Japanese garden design and creation, Japanese garden-related items such as Japanese stone lanterns, decoration, Japanese style buildings, gates and fences.


BonsaiPlaza is a leading Dutch company specialized in bonsai, bonsai tools, bonsai books, bonsai pots and related items. BonsaiPlaza imports all products from Japan directly. BonsaiPlaza travels to Japan twice a year to personally find the best products, bonsai and garden bonsai.

Our Japanese garden center is the largest Japanese garden center outside of Japan! We have the most wonderful collection of authentic Japanese stone lanterns, rocks, stepping stones, trees, bonsai trees, etc. In short, everything to create the most authentic Japanese garden. There will also be attractive event discounts. We would be very honored to meet you. Immerse yourself in ultimate tranquility, step into the world of Japanese Gardens…

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