Nihon no hanga Spring 2019 exhibition: Collected and shared

In spring 2019 it has been ten years since the doors first opened of my precious little museum. I started collecting thirty years ago, when frequent trips to Japan sparked an interest in Japanese prints. These two milestones are celebrated in the exhibition Collected and Shared, which will present how the collection came together. I will reflect upon a number themes that have shaped the development of the Nihon no hanga treasury, through the lens of our past exhibitions. As guardians of this collection, it is our duty to warrant the quality of the prints by limiting their exposure to light. The examples used in the exhibitions in Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris therefore needed to be excluded from this exhibition. Fortunately with the holdings now exceeding 2000 woodblock prints and books, we can still illustrate our journey through the history of the collection and the museum. Collected and Shared will not only be a study of our exploration of 20th century Japanese prints, but will also show the recent trends of expansion as well as what the future might hold for Nihon no hanga. We end the exhibition with my most personal treasures. For the past few years I have been privately collecting contemporary Japanese art by female artists. These works have not been included in the catalogue, but are on display on the top floor of the museum.

Openingstijden: 12:00 tot 16:00