Kigata Banko Teapot Ceramic Workshop

  • Locatie: Meentwerf
  • Mierenmeent 122
    1218 EM HIlversum

One day workshop of using puzzled wooden mould to create your own teapot and cups.

Kigata Banko Yaki was invented 190 years ago by Japanese craft artist Yusetsu Mori (1808-1882). He applied a puzzled wooden mold technique to teapot-making for green tea ceremonies. After the teapot is shaped, the wooden mold can be cleverly deconstructed and removed from inside. This technique allows the teapots to keep the warm handmade feel while being very thin and light, perfectly suitable for preparing green tea.

Japanese artist Haruka Matsuo graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts and Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. Having studied under Seigetsu Iriyama (1922-2014), Haruka is the 9th successor of Kigata Banko Yaki technique. She adds elements from her own artworks into each tea set giving them a light and modern look.

Japanese homemade Vegetarian lunch will be served during workshop. The recipe of this lunch is created based on the idea of Yakuzen and macrobiotic.
Tea, coffee and are included.
Material, firing and glazing are included.

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