Japans taalcafé (English and Japanese spoken)

The ‘Japanese language Cafe’ is a great opportunity for those who love the Japanese language to gather and practice together. Everyone is welcome, whether you are studying Japanese on your own, have studied Japanese before or are currently studying on a course.

Students learn Japanese while playing card games, board games, and through reading interesting books, ranging from beginner to advanced groups. This allows participants to review what they have learned in a natural way and also helps them to connect their knowledge.
Teacher Namika Onaka will facilitate the event, and drop in on the various groups.
Let’s have fun and socialise together!
Includes coffee, tea and Japanese snacks such as Pocky and KitKat!
The language café is held in the cosy Batjanzaal in Amsterdam-Oost and is scheduled as follows: 15.30-16.00 walk-in, 16.00-17.00 game, 17.00-17.30 walk-out.

Meer informatie: Volksuniversiteit Amsterdam