Japan Food Festival

  • Data:
  • Locatie: Dok Amsterdam
  • Moermanskkade 71
    1013 BC Amsterdam

Time for a Japan Food Festival! 日本料理祭 – 無料

INVITE & TAG friends, share with your Japan Food & Sushi lovers!
ATTEND and get more info for this event!
JOIN + ATTEND & WIN a SUSHI menu lunch or diner!

Who doesn’t love Sushi or Ramen, or Takoyaki?
Japanese food is something you can eat anytime of the day.
Any day of the week and any week of the year.

The whole weekend with Japan food & drinks and fun!
JOIN us as lover of Sushi, Sake, Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Mochi, Taiyaki, Yakitori and many more!

– Wine & Sake bar
– Sushi Festival area – International Sushi Festival
– Karaoke カラオケ
– Japanese Arcade
– Healthy / Vegan food
– Sushi workshops
– Japan Ice
– 愛 – 寿司

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