International workshop Printed Matter for Children in Edo and Meiji Japan


Opening (Aafke van Ewijk)
Keynote Michael Kinski (Goethe University Frankfurt) : Beings from a Different World. Remarks on Children in Japanese History and Research Approaches
Hands-on session in the Japan collections at the Museum of Ethnology with curator Daan Kok
Roundtable (Gerbrandszaal)


  • Laura Moretti (Cambridge University) : Appropriating Children’s Games in Early Modern Graphic Narratives
  • Doreen Müller (Leiden University) : Envisioning Children as Treasures (kodakara) and Cute Consumers in Edo Nishiki-e
  • Or Porath (Leiden University) : Engendering or Endangering Children? Child Acolytes (chigo) and Buddhist Masculinity in Medieval Japan
  • Angelika Koch (Leiden University) : The Sick Child as Consumer: Smallpox Print as Children’s Books?
  • Tian Gao (Cambridge University) : Engaging Child Readers with Miniature Picturebooks in Late Edo to Early Meiji Japan
  • Aafke van Ewijk (Leiden University) : The Reinvention of Warrior Legends as Children’s Literature in Meiji Japan
  • Madeleine Kasten (Leiden University) : The Universal Soldier: Uses of Allegory in a Contemporary Dutch Children’s Novel

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